Works :

Tool buildingA production site for the arts, a dancing machine, and a recording studio,
the tool building is highly technical architecture that contributes to and supports
an economic, social or cultural cause. It is deliberately neutral and set back
to allow the activity it is design for come to life and fully develop.

Lendit Studios, Plaine-St-Denis

Saint-Louis Crystal Museum

Biotechnology Start ups Incubator, Nantes island

Sustainable Quarter Astus and Grands Ateliers Halls, Villefontaine

Fabric printing of the Grand-Lemps

National Choregraphy Center, Montpellier

Theatre "la Comédie", Saint Etienne (competition)

TV Studio, Saint Ouen (competition)

Halle Pajol, Paris (competition)

Kunstmuseum, Bern (competition)

Contemporary Music Hall, Caen (competition)

Theatre du Maillon, Strasbourg (competition)

HousingPartitions, a protective cover, an outside-to-inside door passage, a window for light, a common room with fireplace and a conduit for smoke ventilation, and orientation that allows for as much sunlight as possible and protects against wind and heavy rains... The construction of increasingly elaborate shelters has led to architecture" and remains a dominant theme."

Olympic & Paralympic Village_ Paris Olympic Games 2024 (competition)

Restructuration du Centre Jean Sarraihl du CROUS de Paris

"EKLA", mixed use, Euralille

"e.mergence", mixed used, Quai de Paludate, Bordeaux

India House, Cité Internationale, Paris

Positive Energy Housing units, Lyon Confluence

35 Housing units, Metz

151 Housing units "Rives de Seine", Boulogne-Billancourt

For an ecologically responsible urban housing

"Gallagher Lane Lofts", San Francisco

"House of the future" Salon Habiter 88

"Réinventer Paris"_ La Frégate 2.0_ Paris Rive Gauche (call for proposal)

Spaces for learningEquilibrium, essential to study and research, is created in university campus buildings. The campus plays a major role ine the formation of society. We are passionate about the way a campus designed and aquipped, and the minute attention to detail that is required. We take into account its history, its architectural and landscaping heritage and the disciplines that are practiced there.

ARTEM 3 (Art - Technology - Management), Nancy

Civil Service and Intellectual Property Center, Strasbourg

Higher Institute of Engineering in Advanced Systems and Networks (ESISAR), Valence

Auguste Renoir High School for Applied Arts, Paris

Comtes de Champagne Campus, Troyes

University Library of Sciences, Orléans-la-Source campus

House of Human Sciences, Grenoble Saint-Martin-d'Hères Campus

Environmental design / CampusCampuses and industrial sites - these territorial parcels are the pieces that compose a more or less orderly cityspace. Within them, each has a function, identity and symbolic signifiance.

Olympic & Paralympic Village_ Paris Olympic Games 2024 (competition)

ARTEM 3 (Art - Technology - Management), Nancy

Macro-lot "Rives de Seine" Area, Boulogne-Billancourt

Prefiguration of the Condorcet Campus, Aubervilliers

Lille, Fives-Cail-Babcock Factory Area

Master Plan of the LyonTech La Doua Science Campus

Master Plan of the Science Campus, Orsay

"Between Park and Cobblestones" PAN University

Centre de Formation EDF, campus Paris-Saclay (concours)

Paris PARC (Pluridisciplinary Applied Research Center), Campus Jussieu, Paris 6ème (concours)

"Habiter le Campus", logements étudiants sur le campus de Paris-Saclay (concours)


KICAF - Container Festival, Taïwan 2015

Prototypes de façades pour le PAPS-PCPI, Strasbourg

Study of a covering space system, RATP

Housing, Montreuil


Artistic Collaboration :


"EKLA", Euralille - Laboratoire IRB


India House, Cité Internationale, Paris - Sadashiv & Kishore Soma Mashe


Civil Service and Intellectual Property Center - Christelle Familiari


The Lendit Studios, Laboratoire irb

Auguste Renoir Highschool, irb Paris


Comtes de Champagne Campus, Veit Stratmann


"Bio Ouest" in Nantes, Pierre Giner


The Roanne Law Courts, Dror Endeweld


Les Grands Ateliers, Christian Philipp Müller


ESISAR, Ruedi Baur


National Choregraphy Center of Montpellier, Pipo Lionni


News :


SYMPOSIUM " Positionnement de la recherche en architecture"

Pascal Rollet interviendra le 18 janvier 2020 dans le Symposium Recherche & Pratique organisé par l'ENSA de Montpellier pour une présentation de la chaire "Habitat du Futur" aux Grands Ateliers.


Olympic & Paralympic Village _ Paris Olympic Games 2024 (competition)
#Architectsdeclare _ Les Architectes Français se mobilisent face à l’Urgence Climatique et Ecologique

LIPSKY + ROLLET ARCHITECTES et plusieurs agences d’architecture ont créé une version française du mouvement international "Architects Declare" et lancé une pétition engageant la profession à agir face aux deux crises du changement climatique et de la perte de biodiversité.
Merci à J.Dethier pour ces quelques pages dans cet ouvrage de référence (pp 380 & 472-473)
Campus ARTEM, Nancy - ANMA, Lipsky + Rollet architectes, Dietrich Untertrifaller Architectes
Séminaire "Ville, Territoire, Paysage"
Florence Lipsky interviendra le 3e  Séminaire "Ville, Territoire, Paysage" le vendredi 14 juin à 10h45  avec Philippe Potié. Organise par écoles nationales supérieurs de paysage & d’architecture de Versailles.
MIPIM Architectural Review Awards
Lipsky+Rollet Architects' Hautbois Tall Building project gets commended at MIPIM/The Architectural Review Future Project Awards 2019
The HautBois, sole French project in its category, has been commended in the Tall Buidling category of the Architectural Review Future Awards. Conceived in 2017 following the national call for projects launched by the Semapa, the PUCA and AdivBois (the French wood building committee) for building wood high rises on the left bank of the river Seine. 
The sape of a city : Strasbourg - a european city
Conference on the various elements defining the city of Strasbourg and its unique identity. 
Florence Lipsky will participate to the debate which will be moderated by Olivier Namias, architect and critic. 
Place : Cité de l'Architecture - Paris
Date : 7th Feb. 2019 at 19h00. 


Architecture contest for the construction of 82 housing units and a social housing block with compressed raw earth bricks in Biganos, Aquitaine.
Architecture : teaching, research and practice, what new links?
22 nov. 2018 City of Architecture and Heritage, Paris
Florence Lipsky will participate in a debate on the links between practice and teaching within Architecture, organised following the publication of  the book : Architecture, between practice and scientific knowledge.

Place : Cité de l'architecture et du Patrimoine
Date : 22.11.2018
Time : 11 am to 13 pm
Lecture at the National Univeristy of Cheng Kung (Taïwan)
Lecture given at the National Cheng Kung University within the realm of the Program for Overseas Study in Arts and Design Scholarship.
Dates : from July 25th to August 2nd 2018.


Wooden Highrises
Adivbois-PUCA- Zac de la Cartoucherie lot 1.6/7 (Concours) Quartier de la cartoucherie à Toulouse Oppidéa-Icade- Equipe Arbonis-C&E-Xndo-VPa